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Your check engine light is on? Bring it into Coleman Taylor and let our friendly experts diagnose your problem free, so you can get back on the road with confidence. When the check engine light comes on your dashboard, it’s not the time to panic, but it’s definitely the time to take action. Continuing to drive with a check engine light can cause serious damage. Our friendly transmission experts will diagnose your engine problem to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

What Does My Check Engine Light Mean?

Your check engine light coming on means that your engine needs to be serviced soon. Sometimes, there are other indicators to show what might actually be the problem such as:

Check Engine Light Memphis

Flashing Light– There could be a serious engine problem that can damage other componenet parts. This could mean that:

  • The engine is misfiring enough to risk damage to the catalytic converter caused by bad spark plugs, ignition system, and compression problems
  • The engine has very low oil pressure
  • The engine is overheating

Constant On Light– There could be a problem in OBDII emissions system. This could mean that:

  • The emission component has failed
  • The gas cap is missing or loose
  • The engine needs a tune-up

Schedule Your Check Engine Light Service

Whatever your check engine light issue is, we can fix it. If your engine is misfiring, this can cause risk damage to the catalytic converter, which can be caused by bad spark plugs, a faulty ignition system, and compression problems. Low oil pressure or an overheating engine can also trip you check engine light. Visit our repair facility to find out the exact cause of your check engine light.